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Porcelain Pavers

porcelain pavers on patio interior porcelain pavers in corporate building porcelain pavers used in outside living area paver used in outside landscape exterior location porcelain used in waterscape and patio landscape design porcelain used in a warm transition color like sand to create a seamless visual of your design space use pavers to enhance deck and balcony living dark beige panels aligned creating contemporary clean living space easy to clean swimming pool and deck transformed to new contemporary living space balcony experience with outside living and contemporary design easy to maintain outside dining experience with grey pavers outdoor living experience with a contemporary beige design and clean flow from living area exterior procelain paver grey and square design porcelian panel with a green lawn for a pleasant experience porcelain panel used for a swimming pool and exterior experience dark contemporary pavers used for exterior living space for a clean and contemporary design light paver color for contemporary living outside area for a peaceful experience wood design of paver for exterior living space

Mont Introduces our Porcelain Pavers

Exterior 2cm porcelain pavers are especially popular for luxury residential, commercial and municipal applications including; swimming pool surrounds, raised terraces, patios, gardens, rooftop decks, plazas, and pedestrian walkways. Our porcelain stoneware collection offers contemporary design, dedicated to outdoor spaces that mimic the look of cement, wood and natural materials.

Benefits of Porcelain Pavers:
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Simple to Clean & Maintain
  • No Sealing Required
  • Low water absorption - considered impervious
  • Resistant to chemical agents - (Pool Chemicals, De-icing salts, etc)
  • Not susceptible to rot or insect damage
  • Resistant to damage by frost, snow, ice and heat (-40F up to 201F)
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Fire-proof
  • Slip resistant

ALL material must be ordered by the full pallet. Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for arrival.

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  • Bernina Ardesia Grigia

    Bernina Ardesia Grigia

  • Bernina Ardesia Nera

    Bernina Ardesia Nera

  • Bernina Pierre Blue Grey

    Bernina Pierre Blue Grey

  • Bernina Pierre Blue Noir

    Bernina Pierre Blue Noir

  • Bosco Tabula Chiara

    Bosco Tabula Chiara

  • Bosco Tabula Media

    Bosco Tabula Media

  • Bosco Tabula Scura

    Bosco Tabula Scura

  • Cemento Black

    Cemento Black

  • Cemento Smoke

    Cemento Smoke

  • Cemento Taupe

    Cemento Taupe

  • Cervino Beige

    Cervino Beige

  • Cervino Dark

    Cervino Dark

  • Cervino Grey

    Cervino Grey

  • Dolomiti Cotto

    Dolomiti Cotto

  • Dolomiti Grigio

    Dolomiti Grigio

  • Dolomiti Nero

    Dolomiti Nero

  • Dolomiti Senape

    Dolomiti Senape

  • Etna Cappuccino

    Etna Cappuccino

  • Etna Dark Grey

    Etna Dark Grey

  • Etna Light Grey

    Etna Light Grey

  • Foresta Chiaro

    Foresta Chiaro

  • Foresta Grigio

    Foresta Grigio

  • Foresta Scuro

    Foresta Scuro

  • Graffiti Grigio

    Graffiti Grigio

  • Graffiti Nero

    Graffiti Nero

  • Modena Antrazyt

    Modena Antrazyt

  • Modena Beige

    Modena Beige

  • Modena Grey

    Modena Grey

  • Monviso Fossil

    Monviso Fossil

  • Monviso Grey

    Monviso Grey

  • Monviso Grey

    Monviso Grey

  • Monviso Limestone Yellow

    Monviso Limestone Yellow

  • Monviso Muticolor

    Monviso Muticolor

  • Peitra Di Vals Antrazyt

    Peitra Di Vals Antrazyt

  • Peitra Di Vals Beige

    Peitra Di Vals Beige

  • Peitra Di Vals Cloud

    Peitra Di Vals Cloud

  • Pineta Grigio

    Pineta Grigio

  • Pineta Marrone

    Pineta Marrone

  • Pineta Noce

    Pineta Noce

  • Selva Amazzonia

    Selva Amazzonia

  • Selva Borneo

    Selva Borneo

  • Selva Tongass

    Selva Tongass

  • Tegel Antico Bianco

    Tegel Antico Bianco

  • Tegel Black

    Tegel Black

  • Tegel Moon

    Tegel Moon

  • Tegel Moon Decoro

    Tegel Moon Decoro

  • Tegel Nocciola

    Tegel Nocciola

  • Vintage Brown

    Vintage Brown

  • Vintage Dunkel

    Vintage Dunkel

  • Vintage Hell

    Vintage Hell