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Soapstone Surface

Soapstone is the perfect material for homeowners who want something just a little different. Soapstone is a popular granite or marble alternative with a unique "soapy" texture. This material has been used for hearths and tabletop applications.

A common use for soapstone is kitchen countertops because of its proven strength which can stand the test of time while maintaining its integrity.

It is also used widely in bathrooms as bathroom vanities.

Soapstone will give your kitchen floor a distinct and stylish look. It’s benefits are safety and texture. Soapstone is also nonporous so it won’t stain or react to chemicals in cleaning products.


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  • Brazilian Soapstone

    Brazilian Soapstone

  • Pietra Del Cardoso

    Pietra Del Cardoso

  • Scandanavian Soapstone

    Scandanavian Soapstone